Top Tips To Maximise Parking Security
January 29, 2019

When it comes to investing in the right security measures, there are some organisations who tend to disregard the fact that car parks become prone to various criminal activities when not paid enough attention to. The unrestricted and desolate areas of a car park can be an inviting place for offenders to perform theft, vandalism, assault, drug-peddling and public intoxication offences.

In light of this, here is a list of a few safety measures you might want to take into consideration to maximise your car park’s security at all times:

Install surveillance cameras and ANPR systems

Surveillance enhancement plays a huge role in increasing security around your parking facility. The visual of security cameras alone can be an effective deterrent for criminals whilst your parking management team can real-time monitor or view the footage of any recorded act via different devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

In addition to this, the use of an ANPR parking system is highly beneficial when it comes to monitoring unauthorised usage as they capture the details of vehicles that enter and leave your car park.

Pay attention to lighting

By making sure that there is sufficient lighting around your car park, you are offering your customers and employees peace of mind, especially when they are alone in the area. What’s more, adequate lighting improves the quality of images that security cameras capture.

Maintain the vicinity

Apart from bringing your business a negative image, an unkempt car park also provides potential criminals with the assurance that it is not monitored. Start by delegating your assigned wardens with simple routines such as emptying rubbish bins, picking up litter and tidying the landscaping.

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