Why ANPR Systems are the Future in Car Park Security
March 28, 2017

If car park security needs beefing up to make sure drivers pay the correct tariff and to minimise the possibility of crime, then the Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) is the best investment to make and has several advantages over the more traditional car parking barriers.

ANPR Provides Photographs of Vehicles

The ANPR system will take time-stamped photographs of all vehicles entering and leaving the car park and these are stored so that they may be accessed by the police in the event of a crime or used by the site owner if there is a dispute about how long a car was parked.

ANPR and Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) Replaces Outdated Tickets

The ANPR System records the registration number of all vehicles using the car park so drivers won’t need to collect outdated pay and display tickets. Instead, they simply enter their registration number into the payment machine when they arrive or leave.

The VRM system is also automatically programmed to know who has pre-paid to make it easy for staff who work at or near the premises.

ANPR and VRM System Provides Valuable Data

The ANPR and VRM system provides useful data on the number of people using the car park, the average stay and the busiest and quietest times.

ANPR Reduces Maintenance and Expenses

The ANPR system provides high definition photographs with wide coverage so fewer security cameras will need to be installed and installation and maintenance costs will be reduced, maximising profitability.

ANPR is Fully Accessible by Admin

The system is fully accessible by administration and engineers if a problem arises.


Some of the drawbacks of ANPR are that its cameras are vulnerable to vandalism and tow-bars and other vehicle parts may obstruct the camera’s view so that it can’t get a clear view of the registration plate. They can also fail in the event of a power cut.

The Car Park Barrier System

Barriers can be programmed to open and close at different times of the day.

Intercom systems can be placed at the barrier to monitor visitors and allow them to communicate with staff.

Barriers can also be placed with keypads and card or fob access so that authorised drivers can let themselves in. An induction loop system can also automatically trigger the barriers to open and allow free access if desired.

However, if the barriers are up, drivers may be tempted not to pay for parking and barriers cannot photograph vehicles.

Overall, the ANPR system is the superior choice because they are cheaper to run and provide clear photographic evidence of who was there and the duration they were there for, solving disputes and non-payment and bringing peace of mind to car park management.

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